What Can You Do With One Hour?


I was walking around our home the last few days looking at this huge load of work I want to get done. There’s a driveway that needs repaving, a bathroom that needs gutting, an attic loft that needs trim finished, painting….renos galore. Then, there is the ½ acre yard which has not yet been put […]

Mushroom Man


Recently, I had the great pleasure to meet Bill Weaver from Across Borders Media. Bill has won many awards for his outstanding work often focusing on stories for a sustainable future. He sent me the following clip. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Not far from the shores of Cortes Island, […]

What are they talking about?


If you have ever started your own business, you will most likely have had to deal with various agreements and documents that are difficult to read, much less fully understand on a first go through. I am referring here to things like shareholder’s agreements, incorporation documents and the various legal and financial contracts that may […]